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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I recover my vehicle?

Vehicle Release Cost (EXACT CASH ONLY)
Business Hours 07:30A.M. to 8:00P.M.
Standard stored vehicle $120.
Stored vehicle/driver arrested $240.
Impounded vehicle for driving with suspended, revoked, or unlicensed driver $240.
Driving under the influence $500.
Prostitution sting $740.

Requirements to obtain a vehicle release
The registered owner must be present.
They must provide a valid California Driver License.
They must provide proof of auto insurance.

For questions regarding parking citations
(800) 654-7275
P.O. BOX 4726
Irvine, Ca. 92616

Regular Jail Visitation Hours:
7 days a week
Recommend to call first/first come, first serve
(626) 580-2112

Community service hours need to call
(626) 580-2282

There is no charge for copies of police reports.

Fingerprinting / live scan
(877) 477-4688

For restraining orders
Rio Hondo Superior courthouse
Only for domestic violence restraining orders
11234 Valley Blvd. Window 1 or 2
El Monte, Ca. 91731
(626) 575-4121

Pomona Superior Courthouse
400 Civic Center Drive, room 201
Pomona, Ca. 91766
(909) 620-3107

Pasadena Superior Courthouse
300 East Walnut
Pasadena, Ca. 91101
(626) 356-5684

Registrants for Narcotics
Registrants that register with us, must live in the City of El Monte.
Registration hours, 2-6 P.M. everyday.
It is advised to call (626) 580-2115.

Registrants for 290pc
Registrants that register with us, must live in the City of El Monte.
Registrants are only accepted by appointment only.
To make an appointment, call (626) 580-2100.

Access to Juvenile Police Records.

1What is a juvenile police record?

2. What if the victim or witnesses were minors?

3Why are juvenile police records confidential?

4. Who is entitled to a copy of juvenile police records?

5.If a person is entitled to a copy of the juvenile police records, where can he/she acquire it?

6. May law enforcement officials provide a
copy of the records that has certain
information removed?

7May a person not listed above obtain a copy of the juvenile police records?

8. What does it mean to '"petition" the Juvenile Court?

9. Where can a person obtain a petition form?

10. What information needs to be included in the petition?

11. Where should the petition be sent?

12. What does it mean to "notice a party"?

13Who must receive notice?

14. What happens after a petition is submitted?

15. How long will the process take once the petition is submitted to the Juvenile Court?

16. If the Petition is granted, how does the petitioner obtain the record?

17. After the petitioner receives a copy, may it be used in any purpose?

The procedures for disclosure of juvenile police records are covered by the California Welfare and Institutions Code Section 827.9.
For further questions please contact the Office of the Presiding Judge of the Juvenile Court at:(323) 526-6377